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Solid Alliance makes all those little gadgety things that you see other people with. They're about knowing you're smart, but looking cute. Being cool, but giving off sparks like the hottest of all hot things.

Solid Alliance brings you the Alien Detector, Aura Detector, Cat Paw USB memory, Fat Bear USB memory, Ghost Detector, Ghost Radar, i-Duck USB memory, Sushi Disk USB memory, UFO Detector, USB Squid, and more.

Solid Alliance is your way to live how you like and like how you live. Alliances are solid, so be kind to everyone who made you.

USB flash drive storage devices are great for keeping and organising your archives, documents, photos, i-tunes, movies, and music. They can also improve the general performance of Windows Vista: a feature called ReadyBoost allows Vista to use the flash memory as extra system RAM.

In Japan, mobile phone accessories, often called cell phone straps or phone charms, are very popular. Almost everyone has some sort of Strapya decoration or device clipped to their phone: such as the Aura Dama, Baketan Ghost Detector, Kotodama Detector, Obake Sensors, or the Yutan UFO Detector.


This internet resource belongs to Cherry Heaven, a shop in Corfe Castle village near the National Trust Estate. Cherry Heaven sells a diverse selection of exclusive essentials and luxuries. To look at Cherry Heaven, use the Cherry Heaven link above the menu bar near the top of the page.

Cherry Heaven is the EU distributor for the Alien Detector, Aura Detector, Ghost Detector, Ghost Radar, UFO Detector, USB Cat Paw, USB Fat Bear, USB i-Duck, USB Squid, and USB Sushi Disk, made by Solid Alliance in Japan, and provides free on-line technical support, 24 7 52: you don't have to register, log on, or remember a password.


The on-line shop link is below the menu bar near the top of the page.  Alternatively, visit Cherry Heaven in Corfe Castle.


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